Testimonials for the Ultimate Dog Collar
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Testimonials for the Ultimate Dog Collar


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Don’t just take our word for it. Dog owners are raving about The Ultimate Collar!

 "Best collar for leash control have ever had."  C. Hilton

"Thank you for such great collars. We have mostly all big dogs at the rescue and they are great to train them. Most of the dogs we get have never been on a leash so these collars are great."
- Nora E.


"Everyone needs to have one of these around. Even if you don’t use it every time you walk your dog you should have it in the house and car. It is safe and easy to use."
- Kathy S., Tallahassee, FL


"Harper is a 9 month old boxer who is constantly growing and learning new skills, and the Ultimate Dog Collar has been the perfect addition to her daily routine. It is so easy to use and makes us feel better as it is safe and never harmful. It gives Harper the opportunity for comfort and confidence to walk in unfamiliar situations, and gives us the security and control we need. She has already become more responsive, more respectful, and a less nervous puppy! It comes in the right sizes we need as our puppy gets bigger, and we would definitely recommend the use of this collar to other dog parents!"
- James and Chelsea S., Richmond, RI


"I tried a harness but the dog just pulled and pulled. I would not use a conventional choke collar because of the dangers. I tried this collar. WOW! It works and the dog has no issues with it."
- Donald E., Portsmouth, NH


"We have a 45lb retriever. He’s a sport dog. This collar was amazing when training him. Why? The three rings. It is so easy to leash him."
- Michelle O., Albany, NY


"Don’t leave home without it!"
- Nathan W., Las Vegas, NV


"I have been using standard choke collars for years to train my dogs, but was always aware of the issues. This collar has none of those issues. It will not hurt your dog and is very effective."
- William J., Richmond, VA