Welcome to The Ultimate Dog Collar... I’m Jesse Jacobs!
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Welcome to The Ultimate Dog Collar... I’m Jesse Jacobs!

Posted by Bobby Jacobs on
Welcome to The Ultimate Dog Collar... I’m Jesse Jacobs!

I’m Jesse Jacobs, a 5-year-old Border Collie. I live on a beautiful farm in upstate New York, where my owner Bobby loves to invent things, especially for his family, which includes me.

One day my furry brother Ukko chased after a golf cart on our road, and had too close a call because of his choke collar. Ukko jumped and ran so fast after the golf cart that Bobby had no time to grab “the ring.” Thankfully, Ukko was fine, but Bobby figured there needed to be a better solution.

Bobby did a bunch of research and found out just how DANGEROUS choke collars are – in fact, according to PETA, not only are choke collars painful, but they are, “extremely dangerous and can cause asphyxiation, a crushed trachea, a bruised esophagus, crushed or fractured bones, fainting, bruising and damage to the skin and tissues of the neck, including discs, and other painful injuries." Ouch! Dogs who are yanked and choked can also become frustrated, fearful, and aggressive.” Yikes! Not a great way to treat your best friend.

Bobby got on it in his metal shop and invented The Ultimate Dog Collar, which I am wearing in my head shot. Its three-ring patented design creates “safety stops” that very gently let me know what Bobby wants me to do when we are working on new tricks or just taking a walk together. The safety stops are what is patented.  This collar is very safe.

Josh Billings got it right when he said,
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

This is the best reason every dog owner should buy The Ultimate Dog Collar.
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Happy Trails,
Jesse Jacobs

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