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Posted by Bobby Jacobs on

Hi everyone!  For all of you who are new to The Ultimate Dog Collar, this post is about the MAJOR differences between the UDC which is safe and humane and a regular choke collar which can seriously harm your furry family member.  Read on to learn how the UDC is different.

Patented Ultimate Dog Collar: Safe Alternative to Shock, Prong, and Choke Collars


Okay, I get it – because the UDC is also a “chain,” at first glance it may be hard to tell that the UDC is not a standard choke collar, so I’m going to explain the major differences:

  1. Both the UDC and choke collars are used for training, but choke collars are inhumane and seriously dangerous. You can read what PETA says about choke chains here
  1. If you look at the picture in this post, a regular choke chain has ONE RING which you hook the leash to, and the UDC has THREE RINGS, with 3 patented “safety stops.”  When you attach your leash to a choke collar and you pull, the choke collar will CHOKE me and maybe hurt my throat!  

    When you attach your leash to one of the three rings on the UDC, it will tighten and let me know you want me to pay attention - the stop rings will engage and will keep the UDC snug not too tight.

THE UDC tightens just enough to get me to respond to my humans – which is why using a UDC means, “No pain when you train!”

Ultimate Dog Collar Sadie


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